Conversation Club (only English spoken!!!)

Come and join us – you are welcome!

Each month the Conversation Club organized by Mrs. Best–Sattel meets in one of Speyer’s various restaurants. One week before this big event, there is a paper put up on our “white” board on which every MSS–student, able to speak English or not, can sign herself up for coming.

At half past seven the Club, with about ten to fifteen students and about one or two teachers, starts and after having ordered the meals the Conversation switches to English. Then, first there arises a brief silence and a glance at each other’s eyes, but after this short shock the students try to continue their conversation in English with a more or less sophisticated vocabulary until about nine o’clock.  

In this respect, it is important to point out that it is not necessary at all to be a perfect speaker. We, all the students who join the Conversation Club, do participate because we want to improve ourselves in this international language and to be capable of speaking more fluently and without fear.

So, dear MSS–student, if you are interested in the Conversation Club now, just watch out for the list on the bulletin board. You won’t regret it!

Come and join us – it is always fun J – you are welcome!